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Furnace thermocouples

Furnace thermocouples

A device that is used for measuring temperature in areas that have different temperatures is called a thermocouple. The thermocouple has many applications like furnace thermocouple, water heater thermocouple, heat alarm, and heat sensor. It actually is a part made by junction of two metal alloys with different electrical specifications. The main principle of work is by creating a voltage difference between the heated parts and the reference temperature parts. In this article, some tips and tricks on furnace thermocouple will be described.

Furnace thermocouple types

Furnace thermocouple types are defined by the type of the thermocouple. In this section all the types of thermocouples are described. There are ten types of thermocouples: K, E, J, N, T, C, M and B, R and S, who are also named platinum types. The type of the thermocouple is defined by the temperature range in which it operates. Type K thermocouple temperature range is from -200 up to 1350 degrees Celsius. There are two versions, who depend from the alloys used for production. The first version is made of 90% nickel and 10% chromium (it is named chromel), and alumel which consists of 95% nickel, 2% manganese, 2% aluminum, and 1% silicon.

Type J is used for temperatures from -40 to 750 degrees Celsius, while type N is used for greater temperatures. It must be noted that type E is mainly used in cryogenic environments. The platinum type B is used for applications with temperature up to 1800 degrees, type S is for 1600 degrees maximum temperature and type T temperature ranges are between -200 up to 350 degrees. Type C is for temperatures greater than 260 degrees, and type M is used for maximum temperature up to 1400 degrees. Because there are many types of furnaces like vacuum furnaces, electric arc furnaces and many more, different furnace thermocouple types are used for every application. So, regarding the previous, we can draw a conclusion. Depending on the furnace’s temperature, the suitable furnace thermocouple is selected and used.

Replacing your furnace thermocouple

In this section, a furnace thermocouple which is used in households is depicted. The first thing to do is to shut down the furnace and the gas supply. When it is cooled, unscrew the screws and remove the panel. Try to locate the thermocouple and disconnect it. The next step is to pull out the broken thermocouple and replace it with the new one. Try to be gentle when doing this step. The furnace thermocouple is a sensitive device. When this is done, connect the thermocouple again to the circuit. The connection should be clean and dry. Turn on the gas supply and do a test on the furnace thermocouple. The test is very important because the thermocouple is essential in the work of the device.

Furnace thermocouple prices and reviews

We have said that a furnace thermocouple is one of the essential parts in the device. In some applications, it serves as a protection to the electrical circuit (for example if a thermocouple is broken, the device will not work because it can’t control the temperature). Replacement of a furnace thermocouple is not very hard. But if you do not feel ready, call for an expert. The prices depend of the manufacturer. If you are not sure, what furnace thermocouple to select, ask the shop assistant. Tell him where you will use it, tell him the temperature range and he will propose a solution to your problem. Eventually you can ask for an additional service from the handyman and he will buy the part for you.

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