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Knowing more about your water heater Thermocouple

Knowing more about your water heater Thermocouple

Thermocouples are fairly easy to understand and design, yet they provide so much useful functionalities it seems they are way underpriced for what they do. This is the case with all of the products which have gone that far into functionality they are considered to be generic.

Your water heater thermocouple is practically the same as any other thermocouple device, indicating how flexible these little layers of metal really are and how wide can their application be. When dealing with the thermocouple found in your water heater specifically, it is important to know some important and interesting facts that will help you manage and understand your water heater better.

Replacing your water heater thermocouple

The water heater thermocouple works in conjunction with the water heater itself by telling it how hard should it work. Once your thermocouple goes bad, controlling the water temperature gets difficult and annoying so perhaps it is time to change your thermocouple. Fortunately, this is not always the case since there are some other ways of reviving your seemingly dead water heater thermocouple, even though all of these methods include disassembling of the unit as well. If you are really on a budget or do not have time, it is best to give your water heater away to a shop where they can fix your thermostat for a small price. If you are more of a do it yourself kind of guy, you can easily fix your thermocouple with just a couple of screwdrivers and a grinder.

Since your water heater thermocouple is made of metal and is constantly immersed in water, corrosion is unavoidable; meaning some proper grinding of the leads on your thermocouple might solve the problem by itself.

The importance of the water heater thermocouple

The water heater thermocouple is one of the most important parts of your water heater, since it provides more functionality to it by making you decide how warm you want your water to be. This can save your money and time, in means you will always have hot water when and how you want it. Safety is also one of the features that should be considered when talking about water heater thermocouple devices, since these can actually prevent hazardous gas leaks or water leaks to happen. Once you install this system you can check it alone for leaks since it represents the only controllable part between the nozzle and the generator. Being so simple and effective adds more realistic value to your water heater thermocouple, and when considering how cheap these devices actually are, you will be asking yourself how you could even live without it.

Purchasing a new water heater thermocouple

Any water heater thermocouple is marked by a color code which helps differentiate different models and temperature ranges it supports. When purchasing a new thermocouple it is important to acknowledge and confirm these color codes on both the old and the new water heater thermocouple, since this is a clear indication of whether this will function in the same exact manner. Once you’ve determined the color code of your old water heater thermocouple, check out some thermocouple color code maps that you can easily find online and order the appropriate thermocouple for your water heater.

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